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Fitness and health has always been top priority in Amanda’s life. From kickboxing to cycling to yoga, she has taught it all… and loved most of it. But it wasn’t until after having her first child in 2010 that Amanda was looking for the quickest workout with the fastest results. Pilates on the reformer was a step in the right direction. But in 2011, she was introduced to SPX Fitness and the Megaformer Pilates Machine… and she was finally able to get the results she was looking for – long lean muscles, in hardly any time at all!

After getting certified by Sebastien Lagree, Amanda was ready to bring the Megaformer group classes to Dallas! When you take Amanda’s classes you will be getting the best workout in Dallas. With her positive attitude and uplifting reinforcements Amanda is there to help you reach your goals!




Growing up near the ocean on the East Coast and moving to the Mid-West during high school, Tony was active in many sports. Being a champion wrestler, Judo and Jiu Jitsu Champion, and skateboarder -- physical fitness has always been a way of life and a passion. After school Tony found himself, as many do in a struggle to find the time and motivation to stay active and make fitness a priority. After a traumatic snowboarding accident left his shoulder ligaments torn and weakened many exercises seemed to only worsen the problem and prolong his injury. The struggle to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle but continue to heal and rebuild his shoulder left many traditional exercises to be avoided.

After learning about Lagree Fitness and trying Pilates on the Megaformer machine, Tony finally found an exercise routine that was both challenging, low impact to his joints, and helped him achieve his goal of full recovery from his accident. He is now a certified Pilates instructor and joins the Ultimate Pilates Plano team. When Tony is not teaching at the studio or grappling at Jiu Jitsu - he enjoys spending time with his wife and three children. Come by Ultimate Pilates and let Tony share his passion for fitness with you!





Jenny spent many years working behind a computer as a programmer and practicing yoga, cycling with her husband, and relieving stress at the gym in her spare time. Her fitness routine was thrown into chaos by the birth of her two adorable children within the space of two years. Struggling to find the time to incorporate strength training and cardio into her days and weeks, she was introduced to the Megaformer by a friend and fell in love immediately - the workout made the most of her time and yielded the maximum effort! She also loves the familiarity of the moves from her background in yoga.

Jenny's passions for natural parenting, health and nutrition, green living, and conscientious consumerism are evident on her blog, Conscientious Confusion, and in her contributions to Dallas Moms Blog.





Iris’ story is a bit different from the typical fitness instructor.  Riddled with chronic back pain that was only exacerbated by pregnancy, Iris struggled to maintain the level of health and fitness she desired.  For years, every effort made to get fit  ended with more back injuries, that left Iris stuck on the couch recovering for a week or more.  Remembering how much she loved traditional mat Pilates during her “pre-baby days”, Iris cautiously agreed to try out a Megaformer class with her friend.  The day after her very first class, Iris’ back was more comfortable than it had been in almost four years.  She was sold!  Although still fairly new to the science of Lagree Fitness, Iris serves as a walking testament to this amazing fitness regimen. Iris has a Bachelor of Arts from SMU in Corporate Communications, with a minor in Political Science.  She and her family currently reside in Richardson.






Beverly is an avid group fitness practitioner and instructor with a strong background in Pilates, weight/circuit training, and boot camp-style fitness programs. She is certified in the Lagree Fitness training method for the Megaformer and has advanced knowledge of the specially designed exercise programs in stabilization, breathing, alignment, and proper muscle recruitment as well as the modifications to maximize effectiveness for different body types and fitness levels.

Beverly fell in love with Lagree fitness and the Megaformer after her first class. She was amazed at the intensity, fluidity, and variety of the workout and how sore she was the next two days! As a trainer, her goal is to introduce this dynamic and efficient method to help her class achieve rapid results without spending hours at the gym.

Beverly has a Bachelor of Science degree from Texas A&M University in College Station and enjoys traveling the world in her spare time.