Ultimate Pilates Plano

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The Megaformer


The Megaformer Black edition is the Ultimate Megaformer available in the Pilates world. Its compound pivot bars allows you to do full range of motion exercises without adding any excessive stress on the joints or the spine. The frame of the carriage has been lightened and strengthened to make the ride smoother. The shoulder rests have been removed to allow full use of the carriage. The Megaformer was built for group classes which means that all its adjustments are quick and easy. The Megaformer offers many exercises, allows for quick transitions (to keep the heart rate up), and is easy to use.



With the Megaformer Black - Ultimate Pilates will help you meet the 5 key requirements needed to achieve physical fitness - not just in 1 session, but in each and every move! Ultimate Pilates takes Pilates to the extreme to include many elements inherent to success in achieving physical fitness -- Effective Intensity, Cardio, and Endurance training which are key to getting you the quickest results possible. Long lean muscles -- firm abs, toned thighs & arms, tight butt and overall success are only a few sessions away!